To transform primary care by providing a handheld AI-driven medical diagnostic device that allows first-level screening by delivering test results in under 5 minutes.

Join us in making healthcare, efficient, effective and accessible
for all with the Future of Diagnostic Solutions.
Boost your revenue with our AI-enhanced SCANBO diagnostic platform. It swiftly analyzes vital signs for precise results, enhancing patient outcomes and throughput for peak efficiency.
Streamline hospital operations and reduce patient wait times with SCANBO’s point-of-care diagnostic tools. Efficiently manage vital signs at reception for fast, accurate data in outpatient and inpatient care, saving specialist time and optimizing resources.
Ensure immediate, precise care for seniors and homebound patients by using SCANBO’s portable diagnostic tech for instant vital signs assessments. 
Boost your community healthcare with SCANBO's digital platform, offering affordable vital signs diagnostics for improved access in underserved and remote areas.
Adopt SCANBO’s scalable diagnostic solutions for real-time, pin-code level visibility of vital signs, reducing manual errors, enhancing public health outcomes, and fortifying a resilient healthcare infrastructure.
Optimize claims processing and risk assessment with SCANBO’s AI diagnostic platform, delivering real-time vital signs data for efficient policy underwriting and increased customer satisfaction.